Zero to One Church Can Be Simple Series Part 1

zero to one2

Faith in God is not much an arrival but an ever continuing journey of discovery. No matter how many steps we have taken, we are forever merely scratching the surface of his amazing love and grace.

This is why our faith can’t be static, God is always calling us forward, wooing us to take another step toward him, another step to experience the life he dreams for us.

Church Can Be Simple
Questions for personal reflection and group discussion:

As you quiet down to listen to God speaking to your soul, what area of life is God asking you to move forward on, and what do you think is your next concrete step in the journey of faith?

Here are examples of possible areas that might resonate with you.

1) Trusting God for provision, fulfillment and his ability to deal with loneliness.
2) Dealing with destructive things like lust, greed, and pride.
3) Deciding towards living a life of generosity.
4) Allowing yourself to be accountable toward community or a small group of people who are also pursuing God.
5) Figuring out how to leverage your talent, skills and resources to help people connect to God.
6) Honoring God by stewarding your physical body as well as your emotional health.

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