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The Cross is the symbol of Christianity. In it God shows us the full message of salvation.

But consider that throughout His life, Jesus also shows us the image of a Table. A meal shared with people of all kinds, even those who were deemed unworthy to dine with him. Even the story of the cross seems to begin and end with a meal.

Could it be that He was showing us another expression of His love? That the Cross always seems to leads us to the simplicity of a table—just as a relationship with God will always lead us to love people.

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In light of Jesus’ death, Judas does get one half of the redemption story right: he owns up to his sin. But the tragedy is that he never gets to the second half, the part that gets him to believing that God is bigger than his betrayal. And now every step towards the tree takes Judas away from the table, away from the spot Jesus had saved just for him. #CSWalkway #CSWalkwayStation2

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One of the difficult questions I got asked this morning was: “Among the stations, which one tells the story of the Philippines?” Only had a split second to decide so I chose Station 3. In this installation, there are chairs arranged in a circle that talk about all the people Jesus came in contact with. He built His ministry among broken, imperfect people. He invited them on a journey. We’ve all got tables that we exclude people from. Sometimes the reasons are theological, ideological or political. But the hope is to invite everyone in. To have a conversation. To move in the direction of empathy. That was Jesus’ advocacy. What would the world look like if everyone got a seat at the table? What would your world look like if you let anyone sit at yours? #walkway2018 #churchcanbesimple

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#CSWalkwayStation8: Will you allow someone to share the weight of the burden you’re carrying? — A prayer for a stranger: Dear God, Thank You that you love us completely and joyfully. In my journey of knowing You, it seems like there is no place You’re not willing to go, to find and embrace me. Even and especially in the darkest of places. I’m praying for my stranger friend here. May they be confronted by Your love in this season of darkness. Be with them. Hold them. Embrace them fully. May they see the depths of Your grace in the worst of their struggles. I know You will because You’re the kind of God who always, in all ways meet us where we are. I’m grateful for all that you are. Amen. #CSWalkway

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