Time is the Currency of Love Love Does: Moving in Slow Motion


The saying that “Time is money” is a grave insult to time.

This realization that there is nothing more precious than the time we’ve been given is so important, but can often send us on a frantic scramble to try and accomplish everything we want as fast as we possibly can.

There is a different and more counterintuitive way to respond to the consciousness that our time is actually limited.

Instead of scurrying, which results into making it feel like life is a blur, we need to try to Savor and be fully present for each moment. Savoring might be our best shot of slowing down time.

Furthermore, our time being so valuable also makes it the most important currency by which we can love people. Love is always about laying down its most precious treasure. Your time is your life, being fully present is the best way we can share love.

To follow Jesus’ command to love one another with a love so deep that the world can’t help but take notice this love will be evidenced by the quality of our time, our presence, and the attention we give to one another.

Questions for reflection:

1) Take an inventory of your time. Outside of work, how much disposable time do you actually have? With whom and with what do you spend your disposable time on? As you look at your list, do you feel that the time you spend on each person or item reflect what you believe are the most important values in your life?

If it doesn’t, what do you plan to do so that it correlates better?

2) The nature of time is when you tack on something new to your schedule, you have to give up something that is already taking up your current space. Of all the things that are taking up your time, what could you give up to make room for more important things?

3) When you think about the mission of Jesus, which is also the mission of the church––that the love of God be made known to everyone, specially those who haven’t made sense of the idea that God loves them––have you reconciled your part in this mission of loving people? What does this look like for you in your life?

4) As you think about those you have neglected to spend time with, at this moment, who comes to mind? Is there a sense that it is God trying to remind you to spend time with these people?

5) Bonus question: What should our church spend most of our time doing, to demonstrate our love for those outside the church?

6) What steals your time?

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