The Power of Christmas Dinner

In the Philippines, the 24th of December runs like clockwork. It might start off a little relaxed for some, and a tad manic for others who rushing to finish Christmas shopping. But none of that matters as much as all paths will eventually end up to the dinner table for what might be the most important meal any family will share all year.

Christmas dinner is our cultural liturgy. It is the homing beam. It is the one place you are reminded that no matter how disconnected you may have felt all year, here, you actually belong. Christmas dinners renew bonds, and kindles hope for a future.

We at Church Simplified would like to invite you to join us as we give the gift of a Christmas meal to
a thousand families who can’t afford it — through Young Focus International, a non profit organisation that works among the communities living in extreme poverty in the Tondo area.

There is power in a meal that can bring wholeness to a family.


Visit for your donations.

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