Reflection: Philippians 1:6

28 meme

One of our greatest opportunities for faith is to trust the idea that God is committed to our growth more than we are. There is a way to partner with what God is doing in us, but ultimately God’s good vision for our lives will be accomplished by God himself. When we find ourselves stumbling, when we begin to doubt the good that is being produced in us, it is easy to panic and revert to some kind of performance driven regimen to ease our guilt. And while it can be argued that guilt can sometimes be a starting point for change, for the most part however, guilt only works us a short term motivator and often gets in the way of seeing that what moves God towards us, is his love for us. During times of frustration, when we feel impatient with ourselves and with God, it might be a good time to pause and remember that God is at work in us. When that idea has set in, then we can invite God in to reveal the hidden corners of our hearts and our motives, and ask him for the strength to be who he longs for us to be.

Reflection Questions:

1) How do you tend to respond when you find your self stumbling in your faith journey?
2) Is there a difference between feeling sorrow for mistakes made and allowing guilt to rule over us?
3) What are some healthy ways for us to respond to failure?
4) How could we posture ourselves to be open to what God is doing in our lives?

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