Love suffering with us is love’s greatest work Love Does: Finding beauty in the unfixable


Love suffering with us is love’s greatest work.

As sure as the sun rises, so it is with certainty of pain and suffering in our fractured world. In is inescapable that sooner or later, Love will be compelled to enter in to these dark areas. In fact it is here that Love does its greatest work.

This is how God loves us: In our suffering and pain. God wasn’t content to love us from a distance. The creator took on flesh and bone and moved into our neighborhood.

He healed us with his touch. He fed us, stood amongst us, walked with us, and spoke words of life into our lives.

And when that wasn’t enough, Jesus went beyond. He took the worst the broken humanity could offer and absorbed it on the cross.

Love enters into the suffering.
Love stands in solidarity with the hurting.
It bears the pain.
It takes the blast.

Prayer: Jesus help us love like You love.

Questions for reflection:

  1. Has there been a time in your life when someone came alongside you to be with you during your time of pain? Tell us your story. How did that make you feel? Have you ever done the same for someone?
  2. What do you think about the idea that “Love isn’t content to be at a distance,” with regard to how it deals with pain and suffering? Why does love seek to be come close? What do you think is the value of the gift of someone’s presence?

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