How Can I Help?

Here are ways you can help:

1. Volunteer


The easiest way to volunteer at Church Simplified is to help us with the Walkway: Exhibit and Concert we hold every holy week. From helping us with marketing and advertising, to helping us fundraise, taking a slot to man the stations at the exhibit, or ushering at the concert, Walkway week is a great way to serve and meet people. Email us at for inquiries.

Young Focus

Church Simplified is a proud supported of Young Focus International, a non profit organization that works amongst the communities in the greater Smokey Mountain land fill area. Young Focus provides more than just scholarship programs to the children in those communities, theirs is a holistic approach to helping this kids get the best chance at breaking the cycle of intense poverty they have found themselves in. You can send us an email to inquire of current programs or trips we have with Young Focus or you can visit them directly, or organize your own group to volunteer with them.

Sundays at Church Simplified

At any given time, we’re always looking for help to run various parts that make Church Simplified. Please do email us if you have an inquiry or if you see a current need that we may not have even thought of, a need you feel you might be able to fill.

2. Share the Church Simplified website with your friends

If any of the content on our website has been of benefit to you in your journey, whether it be a podcast, an article, or a song would you consider paying it forward by sharing to your friends.

3. Make a donation

Everything we do at Church Simplified, from a large portion of the funding of the Walkway event, the content we generate, the music we produce, to the gatherings we have. All of that is funded by the generosity of people who believe in the work God is doing through this community. Help us dream for bigger things by giving. Please email us at if you want to tell us how you would like to help.