Every Story has the Potential to Reveal God Love Does: The Skill of Listening


Just as God has breathed life into the scriptures, He has also breathed life into every human being. Just as the scriptures have the ability to reveal who God is, so it is with every life that bears the breath of God sustaining it.

This is why every life, furthermore, everyone’s story matters.

When we do not stop to hear with intention, if we do not give the space for stories to be shared, it will be easy for us to miss God.


Sometimes the fast paced world we live in can conspire against meaningful conversations. Sometimes we even forget to give ourselves the opportunity to think about our own stories.

For this Pub Sessions edition, we are borrowing from a set of questions from Story Corp (storycorp.org) to help us begin to listen to one another.

Whether you use these questions for your community group, or just with family and friends, or for your time of personal reflection, we hope that you would find them valuable in getting to know others as well as yourself more deeply.

Go ahead and answer the questions that resonate with you the most.

• Who has been the most important person in your life? Can you tell me about him or her?
• What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest?
• Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?
• Who has been the kindest to you in your life?
• What is a lesson you have learned in life that you currently want to share with people?
• What are you proudest of?
• When in life have you felt most alone?
• How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?
• How would you like to be remembered?
• Do you have any regrets?

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