Are You Listening? Wake Up and Dream by Jay Durias


Wake up and Dream is a song dedicated to anyone crazy and courageous enough to have taken the  leap of faith to follow a dream, almost make it and then crash and burn. It is for whom fruition was dangled, and in a blink of an eye taken away. It is for those who at one point or another, felt like fate had teased them.

It’s not a doomsday song though. Wake up and Dream is about redemption, getting back up again from the sucker punch. It is about accepting the limited view that we have when we try to interpret the reason for our disappointments. It is about submitting to God’s bigger vantage point. It is about taking the redirection, believing that what’s to come can and will be more glorious than what was lost.

—Bebo Bharwani

Wake Up and Dream

Composed by Bebo Bharwani
Performed, Produced and Arranged by Jay Durias

I am dying of thirst
By the fountain side of love
A traveler worn out by the dessert
Of the” almost but never quite”

Won’t you save from my doubt
Save me from my self
Save me from these little frames
I hang above my shelves

Hear me cry
And heal me from these blinded eyes

Open my eyes I want to see
I want to touch you
I want to feel you
Oh, to perceive you

Help me
Believe that I can walk on
Water, when my eyes are
Fixed upon your beauty
And your beauty never fades away

So save from this lie
Save me from this sin
Break these tiny boxes
That I thought could hold you in

Breathe your life (come on breathe your life)
And save me from my alibis

Open my eyes I want to see
I want to touch you
I want to feel you
Oh to perceive you
Wake up and dream

 Drums: Benjie Mendez
Guitars: Pido Lalimarmo
Bass: Tata Balane

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