Are You Listening? The Gift of Christmas: Stars by Jay Enrile

AYL Stars

Stars by Jay Enrile

Is it just me, or the stars seem funny lately
Is it just me, or they seem to be calling out
Is it just me, does this night sing silently
Is it just me, or it seems to be calling out

The skies sing the chorus
The moon plays the beat of the night
The wind dances for you
The world is oddly different tonight

Is it just me, or are we simply chasing stories
Is it just me, or will this change anything

Traveling with weary bones
I’m in the know but I feel alone
I gave myself to this
Is there a point to this
I hope I see, now I see

Is it just me, or did heaven find its way here
And if it’s just me, I will still give everything

To hear
The sky sings your chorus
The moon plays the beat of your might
The wind dancing with you
The world singing differently tonight




Words and Music by Jay Enrile, Patrick Filart, Lorenzo Cosio, Danielle Tabuena
Musical Arrangement by John Hendrickson
Featuring Robin Nievera on Lead Guitars and John Hendrickson on Drums
Produced by John Hendrickson and Marcus Davis Jr.

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