Are You Listening? Mystery, performed by Pido


Performed by Pido
Written by Bebo Bharwani
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Song Story:
I wrote Mystery in 2005 as both a lament and a song of hope.
It was about a journey of slowly seeing clearly how change works in the life of a person.

Growing up within the Christian tradition in the 80’s and 90’s, I saw that what was often celebrated in testimonies was what I would call Big Change — things that fall under the category of “jail house” type conversions. The addict, the womanizer, the extortionist, who, in a moment, gets a defining encounter with the Divine and experiences a radical change in life’s trajectory,

I realized that while these stories do exist and should be celebrated, not everyone’s path to wholeness works in the same way. As matter of fact, even for those who had encountered Big Change, things like pride, lust, and greed still have a way into to all our hearts and find new ways to express themselves.

Mystery is a the lament of someone who wants to be better but finds themselves cycling back to their old selves. Although, while this place of failing feels familiar, it isn’t quite the exact same place The place of failure which ones drew a response of self-loathing is now helping you to see that Grace isn’t just a theory, it is really prepared to meet you at your lowest, at your dirtiest. It is the baffling lovingkindness of God that allows you to find the strength to keep pressing to be better.

This is the place of hope, a place of realizing that you are actually not as stuck as you think you are. Grace and Love is keeping their promise to finish the good work it has started in you. You realize it for the greater force that it is.

Mystery is sung by my dear friend Pido. Over the years, Pido and I have worked on a couple of songs together, and it has definitely been a source of joy and pride for me.

You can listen to other songs Pido and I worked on at Are You Listening? Spotify account.

Pido is also one of the founding members of bands like Side A and Artstart. Some of his highly acclaimed songs are Windows of Our Souls from Side A’s first album and Misty Glass Window.

Here I go again
Here I go again
Are you listening?

Here I go again
I messed up again
It’s the same old story
From the same stale vow
It’s a broken promise
What I can I say now

Should have known better than to walk this way
The words in your letter they called my name
But I didn’t heed the warning I was offered
Should have known better that the wheels could turn
Should have known sooner I would crash and burn
As I followed the drones of the doubt and the shame
It’s the world’s greater mystery of pain

Here I go again
Here I go again
Are you listening?

Here I go again
All shook upon again
Should I bore you with the details
Should I cut to the chase
I can look into your eyes
Stare in at your face

Here I go again
Here I go again
You are listening

Here you go again
Here you go again
You are listening

Here you go again
Here you go again
With a fresh new story
And brand new plot
Of this thing called mercy
Of this thing called love

Should have known better than to write you off
Should have remembered that the tracks and the record
Show you do just what you say you do

Should have know better than to doubt your love
Should have known by now, that life is found
In the beauty of your face
It’s worlds greatest mystery of grace

Pido Lalimarmo – Vocals, Music Arrangement and Guitars
Benjie Mendez – Drums
Rommel Dela Cruz – Bass
Eric Villadelgado – Engineer, Producer
Bebo Bharwani – Producer

Are You Listening? is a music collection produced and curated by the community at Church Simplified. Its hope is to be among the choir of poignant voices, helping to render the meaning of human story. Celebration, wonder, lament and query are written into music to help make sense of a life with God and people.

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