Are You Listening? Delight by Robin Nievera


We just got off the phone with Robin Nievera to discuss his song Delight, first released in Church Simplified’s sophomore album within the Are You Listening? series entitled Brighter Lights.

Rob told us about the day, possibly over seven years ago, when he got a notification on his inbox: an email from a close relative, addressed to their whole family bore unwelcoming news. “My cousin who had been living abroad, expecting a baby, had miscarried”.

We can all imagine the joy, pride, and excitement a clan can feel hearing the news of having an additional member in the family. To have a whole family of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents wager what the gender will be: a pilyo but gwapo boy (mischievous but handsome) or a fragile princess that will be protected by all her cousins.

The family had to go through immediate altering of schedules to give way to the planning of family vacations just to welcome the new one. The stirring up of imagination dreaming about who this child will be. The pondering of the endless possibilities of how this child will change the world.

But that isn’t going to happen. Not anymore, at least not this time.

Expecting to find the contents of the letter to be of someone whose spirit and faith had been broken, Rob found the complete opposite. In essence, the lyrics of Delight was the message of her email. Despite all that just happened: the disappointment, the sorrow, she was determined to cling onto God. She was so sure that God wasn’t finished writing the story, and that somehow joy would emerge from this chapter. And joy did well up in the end. Shortly after this season, his cousin gave birth to beautiful baby girl.

Delight is a tribute to my cousin. Little did I know her faith, found in this song, would eventually help me find a way through my own darkness. Delight is also written for my niece, which makes it technically the very first song I’ve ever written for a girl, a girl named Bella.

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Words and Music by Robin Nievera

Steady oh heart be still
There’s nothing here you’ve never seen before
Surrounded by all this mess I see
I find rest just knowing you’re with me

Things could change or rearrange
But I will delight in your song
I could burn down with my face to the ground
But I will delight in your song, in your song

Deep breathes my soul would you take
It’s been in a while since you danced the night away
I’ll drink for good days to come
No fingers crossed cause my heart will trust in love

Even though light won’t cross my night
I will delight in your song
My world could shake and I could slowly break
But I will delight in your song
Oh I will delight in your song
In your song

Would you whisper to me
Would speak quietly
Would you sing
Would you sing to me

Produced by Jack Rufo
From the album Are You Listening? Brighter Lights (2010) Church Simplified.

Robin Nievera has two albums under Polyeast records. Overwait which has a second version of Delight, and Nightmares.

Robin regularly leads community worship at Church Simplified’s Sunday gatherings.

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