Are you Listening? Better Than Life by Radha


In a clear summer’s day of 03 in San Francisco, I drove my wife Nikki and one of my best buds, Raffy, to a wedding in Sausalito. They took on a gig as wedding videographers for some extra cash.

I had only been living in SF for about three years at this point and haven’t really gotten a chance to explore the area beyond the Golden Gate. So having five hours to kill, this was the perfect time.

Driving towards Mill Valley, I see an exit that says Mount Tamalpais, and sign for Stinson Beach. I excitedly dart to the exit thinking that the beach would be right off it.

Forty minutes later, I am still driving. But oh, I am wonderfully lost. The road toward Stinson beach is this beautiful winding mountain road that had an absolutely breath taking view of the Pacific west coast. The sunlight was absolutely golden as it gleamed off the ocean, the trees of John Muir was like a scene from an enchanted forest. I was enthralled by the beauty and couldn’t help but want to pray.

I started grasping for metaphors but they eventually all fell flat. All I could say was Wow God! And then… these words first slip out of my mouth.

Forgive me if my words
Fall short of who you are
Forgive me if these allusions
Are all I have to offer you.

The frustration was immediately followed by peace. There is a sense that even when I am frustrated by the limits of my vocabulary, It doesn’t keep God from reveling in my desire to express my delight for him. For God can do more than listen to our words, he can hear exactly what is in our hearts.

At the end of the week, I had the rest of this song. Better than Life is an attempt at metaphors. I figured, just because I know words will never cut it when it comes to declaring the glory and the goodness of God, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try.

Sung by me dear friend Radha who at the core of her being, her beauty and personality, and her voice is beyond life itself.

––Bebo Bharwani

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Better than Life 

There’s a brighter day dawning
From the darkest of night
There’s a black hole being filled
By some heavenly light

There’s a warmth that I can feel
Cutting through this chill
There’s a faint but welcome echo to a melody
Echo to a melody

Like a rainbow in the sky
Like homemade apple pie
Like a blessing in disguise
Your love is better than life

Life is what you bring
To these valley of dry bones
Life is what you bring
To this dead man walking
Oh, so unfathomed
This thing called grace
A mystery revealed
As I stare into your face

Like a rainbow in the sky
Like a child who wonders why
Like snow in Christmas time
Your love is better than life

Forgive me if my words
Fall short of who you are
Forgive me if these allusions
Are all I have to offer you

Like a rainbow in the sky
Like the seasons passing by
Like a newborn baby’s cry
Your love is, your love is

Like an eagle taking flight
Like the sunshine so bright
Like a lover’s kiss tonight

Better than Life was originally released under The Better than Life Project 2007.


Vocals – Radha
Words and Music – Bebo Bharwani
Guitars – Eric Villadelgado and Jano Queyquep
Drums – Benjie Mendez
Bass – Rommel Dela Cruz
Keyboard – Bobby Velasco
Produced by Eric Villadelgado

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