Another Perspective: When Giving is About Living Church Can Be Simple Part 5


Church Can Be Simple: 
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Jesus deeply treasured the woman’s act of true and radical love. Like those around them who were offended by her lavish demonstration, we too might forget that love itself will move us to expressions beyond what is practical, calculated, rational; and sometimes, it will lead us beyond our own selves, beyond what is organic to us. A love that gives all that it can seem foreign to us. But make no mistake: this the way God loves us, and this is the way we have been called to love.

What are your specific life stories that may have contributed to the barriers that keep you from giving and receiving extravagant love?

  1. See if any of these examples resonate with you:
    1.  Fear: I fear that if I start giving, I might be sucked dry or manipulated out of everything I have.
    2.  Pride: I fear that love won’t be reciprocated, or worse, my love might be rejected.
    3. Cynicism: I feel like in the face of overwhelming need, there is nothing I can do to that will make a difference.
    4. A sense of entitlement: I feel like I haven’t gotten all that I need to be thinking about giving to others.
  2. Do you think that these barriers need to be hurdled, Why? And What steps can you take to overcome them?

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