An SOS to the World Church Can Be Simple Series Part 3


The apostle Paul expresses beautifully what Jesus himself pointed to as the central theme of all the scriptures: LOVE.

Our love for God will always lead us to a place of deeper community with others, for love always needs a flesh-and-blood context.

Community can be messy. We are all broken people learning what it means to journey together. When our expectations of people and community aren’t tethered to grace, understanding, and forgiveness, there is the temptation for us to withdraw into self-reliance and isolation. When we retreat, we cut ourselves off from the primary way God chooses to work in our lives.

Listen to the complete message below:

Questions for Personal Reflection and Group Discussion:

1. Think of a concrete way someone’s love and friendship has positively impacted your journey, and as a result, partly shaped who you are as a person today.

2. It has been said that our greatest hurt and pain mostly come from the people we love the most. Has this been true in your life? If comfortable, you can share your story. How did the relationship progress after the conflict?

3. Would you consider yourself as someone that is easily offended? Do you think of yourself as someone who naturally fights to keep relationships?

4. How do you feel about the measure of spirituality being our increased capacity to love and walk with people in the context of community?

5. What do you think is the best quality you can offer the people who you journey with?

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