I always thought the acceptance of God in one’s life was not an arrival
but the beginning of the journey.

– Bono

We’re a church community composed of people from various backgrounds,
wrestling with the questions of faith in God and essence of what it means to be part of the church.

Most of us started, tempted to regard these questions with apathy or indifference,
but were consequently thwarted by the individual experiences with the person of Jesus Christ.

We will never claim to have it all figured out, but here’s what we’ve learned so far:

    • Faith is a journey. Each person is on a different part of that journey, and is responsible for what they believe.
    • While the journey is intensely personal, we also believe that it is lived out in the context of relationships,
      and so we place a ridiculous amount of value in each other.
    • We’ve learned that church can be as simple as a group of people who decide to take that journey of faith together.
    • We’ve realized that the act of seeking God is just as important as what you find.
    • We’re discovering that He is bigger and deeper than we could ever imagine.

Whether you’re here to stay, or just passing by, you’re welcome to walk with us.

Welcome to our journey.